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Machine used to sort Orthodox tea is the Myddleton Stalk Extractor. The fibres of the tea stalk are separated prior to grading. The only tool that can distinguish stalks from bulk orthodox tea is the “Myddleton.” This device is frequently referred to as a “Myddleton Sorter.”

MYDDLETON STALK EXTRACTOR designed to enhance productivity and simplify the process. Our innovative stalk extractor ensures that you get the most out with minimal effort and maximum precision.


1. Advanced Cutting System The MYDDLETON STALK EXTRACTOR is equipped with an advanced cutting system that seamlessly cuts through stalks . The high-precision blades ensure clean cuts, reducing damage to the surrounding and enhancing regrowth potential.

2. Powerful Suction Mechanism Our extractor features a powerful suction mechanism that effectively pulls the cut stalks into the collection chamber. This minimizes wastage and ensures that all usable parts  are efficiently gathered for processing.

3. Adjustable Settings To cater to different types of crops and field conditions, the MYDDLETON STALK EXTRACTOR comes with adjustable settings. You can easily modify the cutting height and suction power to suit your specific  requirements.

4. User-Friendly Interface The intuitive control panel allows for easy operation. With clearly labeled buttons and a digital display, even first-time users can operate the MYDDLETON STALK EXTRACTOR with confidence and precision.

5. Robust Build Constructed from high-quality materials, our extractor is designed to withstand the rigors of work. The sturdy frame and durable components ensure long-lasting performance, even in the most demanding environments.

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